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Quest for a Kelpie

How can a fisher lass affect two kings, and ride the Kelpie, the most fearsome beast in Scotland?  Will she survive among redcoats and Highland warriors?

The Lark

When John Russell is called to be whipping boy to the Dauphin of France, he doesn't realise that he and his little sister Lark, will turn the fortunes of three kingdoms.


An Iceni girl, reared in Roman Londinium, gets deeply involved with Queen Boudicca's revolt; with hilarious, tragic and terrifying consequences.


Aged 11, Chandra is sure she'll be happy with her young husband. But when she goes to visit him, she is trapped, and has to fight for her freedom.


In deep, glowing caves under the ice of Antarctica, the small people of the new city of Atlantis are worried by strange noises coming from Outside.

The Seer's Stone

As the nightmares begin...don't look into his eyes! 'Nothing exciting ever happens' Will Beth learn to regret her words as her weird cousin, Tanya comes to stay?

The '45 Rising

A merchant's daughter lives through a stirring period of Scots history. Comedy. drama and shock - and an unusual view of the important people involved.

Quest for a Maid

Meg, a Viking's daughter, with her friends, struggles to save tiny, frail Princess Margaret from the ambition of Lady de Brus.

The Falcon

Mistress Sinclair is made nurse to Queen Mary's new baby son; but how will her wild daughter Leezie cope with the courts and streets of Edinburgh.


Victoria becomes Victrix, a great gladiatrix, and a favourite of Emperor Nero. But is that really a good thing?


In 1794, young Juliet discovers many varied  forms of slavery as she explores the family business; slave trading.


Atlantis in Peril

Under the ice of Antarctica, Chooker is determined that the people of Atlantis must meet the Giants Outside!

Wee Malkie

Standing up to a bully can change your life. Small, downtrodden Malcolm finally explodes, and stands up to his bullying stepbrother – with a frying pan.

The Crystal Place

Little Lily Hicks keeps a diary to protect herself and Joseph Paxton's servants from his young nephew.  As the Crystal Palace is built, so Mr Edgar's hatred of her grows.

Quest for a Babe

Luch is invisible - well, nearly.  So why is her presence so vital to the families of the chiefs of two  Clans - the Macleans of Mull and the Clan Campbell?

The Jackdaw

Can Frank, Susannah and Jack Downie, save the life of Mary, Queen of Scots, from the wiles of Sir Francis Walsingham, the Protestant fanatic who wants her dead?


Through the Year of the Four Emperors, Victoria and her odd friends work to fulfil her vow to destroy corrupt, brutal Rome as Rome destroyed Britain.

Angel Dancer

Mary's older sister Brenda is dedicated to becoming a ballerina.  Can the angel who watches over the ballet school protect her from herself?

Prince Charles and the '45

Brief, wry account of Prince Charles Stuart's rise to being 'Bonnie Prince Charlie', and his fall when the 1745 Rebellion, failed.

The Clearances

A short, snappy account of the history of the Clearances in England and especially in Scotland, for young adults.



The funny, touching adventures of a little girl in Nairn; for readers of about 8 years of age.