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Readers Say

Quest for a Kelpie

"One of the greatest pleasures was discovering your splendid Kelpie."
Dorthoy Dunnet


"the most accurate portrayal of the 'Real India' I have ever come across"
Jilaine Johnson, Christchurch College of Education, Australia

"I enjoyed ever word of Quest for a Maid and it has stayed with me ever since I (with much regret) came to the end ... I was intruiged, amused, moved, in turn and certain moments filled me, quite frankly, with envy."
Ann Pilling


I'm working on audio versions of some of my books, as well as ebook editions.  Some books are only available direct here on my website.
Frances Hendry

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Now available on Kindle!

Several titles can now be read on your Kindle

Since buying my own Kindle, I thought it was about time my books were available to read on Kindles as well, so I've been working away at creating the Kindle versions and twelve ebooks are now available, with more to follow soon.

The Kindle editions are sold direct through amazon, click the button below to view the available ebooks.

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